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Out damned spot! Out, I say!

I have been reading the RTC, SFM and McConville blogs for some time and before that the excellent articles by Gaud at Etims which first peeked my interest in the whole MIH affairs with the Rangers, for my mind, as just a small part of that intriguing jigsaw of Scottish society.

I will also state for the record, that I am both a Celtic fan and a Mason and also I am not a Catholic. I am the product of a mixed marriage! The Worshipful Master of my lodge is indeed a Celtic fan as have several before him. In fact past Masters have been from various religions, slightly negating the fact that the lodge is controlled by Scottish Rite protestants. The Lodge is a worldwide organisation of which the Scottish Rite is but a small proportion. I should not have to mention Celtic’s most famous Masons to assure you of the fact that, in general, there has never been a “Masonic” conspiracy of any sort.

Having said that, in the microcosm of Scottish society, the Lodge has become interwoven with the WASP establishment, much to my despair. That gestalt I can assure you, is not what the Lodge is about in any way shape or form.

The three best friends I have in the world are all Masons. Two of them are Rangers fans. I cannot emphasise enough how important these two people are to me and I am deeply indebted to them for the care and love they have unselfishly gave me over the years.

I have continually heard references to the “good bears”, the “decent” Rangers supporters and here is my quandary. In terms of their attitude towards Celtic in particular and the rest of Scottish football teams, there is no such thing. Even my best friends do not meet the criteria.

I do not discuss football with my friends.

When I scratch the surface of the misdemeanours of RFC over the years, I am appalled by the supremacist, egotistical, hateful bile directed towards the Celtic football club and their supporters. I am appalled by the lack of contrition for the behaviour of their custodians and their mass majority of supporters, who have wreaked havoc on Scottish football in general by financial doping and by the fans behaviour throughout Europe which embarrass all their fellow countrymen.

It is even more saddening for me because I am an ex-pat living thousands of miles from the parochial confines of the west coast of Scotland.

But there are no excuses for this attitude where even the most ignorant of orcs can claim supremacy over the rest of his brethren by virtue of supporting a particular football club.

And it has always been there.

I do not believe that anyone who looks deep into their soul has ever felt any sympathy for RFC’s demise. We may think it was because of this or that that we are glad that they have died. But really. We all wanted them to anyway! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

If I am wrong, then please. All you “decent” bears, admit to your sins.

Tell us:

We cheated the tax payer for decades for sporting advantage.

We should help all the small businesses that we failed to pay by donating money to them to help keep families in employment. 500 quid to Green. Shame on you all!

Admit that the SFA and the SPL bent over backwards so far that the sun illuminated their tonsils, to save your team.

Admit that you have never been punished (as yet) and are lucky to be playing in the fourth division.

I could go on. It has all been said before. But, for once, admit that you are as human as the rest of us and say Sorry with your heads hung in shame.

And before ending this criticism of all the holier than thou blue mentality, let me ask you one question.

Why, oh why, do you always look for some rich saviour, perhaps with “off the radar wealth” to drag you up from the hole, deep in the gutter, you have dug for yourselves?

Is that not a reflection of your WATP attitude that one billionaire sipping champagne on a private beach in Barbados, flown there in his private jet, waited on by his private butler, wearing his private slippers, should hear your cries for help and ride into to save the “most successful club in the world”? You have a God given right after all to receive mana from heaven have you not? After all, you are the people.

And that is why we despise you. You are just another football team.

But, to quote Mr. Dylan:

But you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears

Take the rag away from your face

Now ain’t the time for your tears

Disgraceful as the pathetic strains of injustice coming from Ibrox are, as laughable as the reversed psychology of persecution of all that is simply the best is, these are just the death rattles of a disgraced football club and it’s feeble attempts to derive succour from the rest of the footballing fraternity.

But this fiasco is not about football or fair play or sporting integrity. Is it? It is about the structure of our parochial Scottish society where Mr. Salmon can save a pie factory at the stroke of a pen. Depending on who exactly owns the pie factory that is.

This really is about following the money. Rangers really are but a bit player in the fiasco which is MIH and HBOS. Rangers are but a pointer to the corruption in Scottish society as a whole.

The days, weeks and years to follow will maybe, just maybe, unravel the events that led to the demise of HBOS and the 700 miilion debt Murray was allowed to accumulate. The slush funds of offshore trusts and exactly who benefited may eventually come to light. Then again, maybe Jimmy Hoffa will turn up.



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